Resolving "Invalid" State in X90 Safety Controller

This post aims to assist users in troubleshooting and resolving the “Invalid” state in X90 safety.

Does your X90 safety controller enter “Invalid” after compiling and downloading? This occurs due to a mismatch between the safety controller’s channel configuration within SAFEDESIGNER and the channel configuration of X90 in automation studio. To fix the issue, make sure your channel configurations align.

Unfortunately, the issue lacks warnings, errors, or logs for easy diagnosis. To simplify troubleshooting, I suggest adding a warning in the compiler that notifies the user about unconfigured input channels are used in the safety program.

Hardware: X90CP174.48-S1
mapp Safety: 5.23.0
Automation Runtime: B4.93

Great post Frederik!

I wanted to add some additional context for anyone who is commissioning an X90 Safety controller with the mappSafety visualization.

If there is an error with the project configuration (including specifically the exact error mentioned here), you will often be able to compile the safety program, build the Automation Studio project, and successfully transfer the SafeApplication using the mappSafety HMI. You will even be able to acknowledge both the SafeAPPLICATION and the SafeNODEs on the Completion screen. However, you will not be able to click the “Finish setup mode” button and the State will alternate between “Setup Mode Active” and “State invalid”:

If this happens, I recommend checking the Logger (make sure you check the box to show the Safety log!). An invalid channel configuration will be indicated by a “Channel configuration mismatch” warning:

The details for this warning will indicate which channel is affected:

Hi Marcus,

I am pleased to discover that a detailed warning is implemented to precisely describe the error.

Thank you for your contribution.