Safety Lodger Invalid mapping

Here I have an error ID 122909 Entered by DI SafetyLogger Description is invalid mapping, truly appreciate for any idea to solve this error.

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Hello David,
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There should be this information in your AutomationStudio help:

Error number: 122909 (16#1e01d)

Error code

Short text
Invalid mapping

Error description

There is a difference between the data channels in the safe application and the data channels of the bus system

Info1= first invalid mapping object 0x00XXYYYY X … Subindex Y … Index

‘binary data’ offset information
binary data[16…15]: Info0
binary data[20…17]: Info1

Trouble shooting suggestion
Ensure that the safe and non-safe application match together.
Compile and download the non-safe application.
Compile and download the safe application.

With some versions this problem happens if there are unused (that is: no channel mapped) safety modules in the SafeDESIGNER project.

Are the “Trouble shooting suggestions” not helpful in your case?
What versions are you using?