Searching proven Lib for DS402 compliant stepper controllers


can anyone recomment a Lib (open or closed source, free or paid) for stepper controllers that are connected via CANopen to PPC30 panels? It should support basic functions like position and velocity control, homing and error-handling.

many thanks!

Many thanks


You can check lib. McDS402Ax.
For details please refer B&R Online Help (

Thanks for the hint.
Are you sure this one will work with CANopen devices? According to the manual we need a .xdd file while I only can provide an .eds file …

the library McDS402Ax can only be used with devices on POWERLINK.
We do not have a standard library for DS402 devices on other field busses.

Need to check for CANopen devices.


I found this library but I never used it.
Maybe it works. (490.3 KB)

Hello Eric,
I took a quick look at it.
It supports CANopen from what I can see but unfortunately no stepper controllers.
But thanks anyway.