Simulink Target Build only with API broken

We build script and functions that automate the build process. We programmatically insert the bur_config block and update the parameter programmatically. It worked well for us until we upgraded to MATLAB 2023b and Target 6.9.0.
We would get the following error: “AutomationStudioTargetForSimulink:InspectPhysicalSettings - Please refresh the following settings in the B&R Config Block: Configuration Name, Automation Studio Project Path. Additional information: It is not possible to build into a referenced Automation Studio Configuration.”

If we manually open the config block and click “okay”, it seems like a callback was triggered and then the model can build.

But this manual process breaks our automatic build process.

Could you share what the callback did or how to programmatically build model? I think this is related to configuration references. We started the model with a configuration reference and then active the modified configuration before the insertion of the block.

Hi Weijia,

I have noticed the same behavior, which seems to occur also with R2023a + Target 6.8.0. While I don’t have a fix yet, the culprit seems to be configuring the parameter ‘bur_physical’ to ‘on’ to add the model to the physical configuration. Without configuring that model parameter, the automated build finished correctly. This may work as a work-around for the time being…

That parameter controls the option to “add task to hardware,” which should only have to be done once. Further builds can be done without deploying it to the hardware.

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