Status ID Error code: -1067278080

Hello all,

I have a query regarding an error I am stuck with. While calling a MpAxisbasic function block, I am unable to get the axis powered on. Under Info → Ready to Power on is False. Status ID is showing value -1067278080 while Error status is True. Can someone guide me what possibily is the cause of this error and suggest me remedy. Many thanks in advance!



I’m not a motion expert, but as I know the code -1067278080 means only, that a PLCopen error is active. To find the cause, next you have to check:

  • the motion logger of your PLC, there should be more entries with additional error information
  • the values inside the sub-structure “.Diag.Internal” of your mpAxisBasic instance

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If you are at the beginning of your motion configuration than very likely you have not change input level to trigger stop or something similar. But as @alexander.hefner has precisely answer to you logger will tell you more. There is very nice getting started not only for single axis B&R Online Help It is used for introduction training to motion and you will follow it, you can not fail :slight_smile: