Using mcHOME_LIMIT_SWITCH with variable as the reference switch

Hello everyone,
i would like to reference an axis via a mechanical switch.
Unfortunately, I have not yet found a way to use a variable as a referencing source.
I can only choose between DigitalInput01 and DigitalInput02 in the configuration of my drive amplifier.
However, the switch is connected to a different DI module and not to the drive amplifier itself.

Is there an option to use a variable as a reference switch and where can I create the mapping for this?

I am using ACP10 for the motion control and a 80SD100XD.C044-01 as drive amplifier.

Thanks in advance!


You can check out the MC_BR_SetHardwareInputs function block!

AH GUID: 38212352-26ad-4304-bec3-4068244054b2
Online help: B&R Online Help

Also please make sure to set the corresponding inputs to +ncFORCE

Best regards!

That helped a lot.
Thank you very much!

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