Using RFID reader with a X20CP0484

I want to use a RFID reader with automation runtime. Is there a possibility to connect a RFID reader directly to the PLC and get the information of the RFID tag directly in runtime?

If not what about a RFID reader on a T50 with mappView?


if you use the B&R RFID Reader 5E9030.29, it’s possible to use it directly at the PLC. The reader is connected by USB, and you have to communicate with it using the AsUSB and DvFrame Libraries (because it’s a serial communication via USB).
The’re some information and datasheets available, you can find them behind the link above (in the Downloads section), and also some sample code in Automation Studio is available.

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The mentoined Samplecode you will find in AS under Library Samples for AsUSB, or in AS Help under GUID 897d45d0-c0f0-4754-abdd-0e6a8b41c837.

And here a Link to some additional Information regarding Automation Studio transponder support