What is the exact meaning of this error: 12006?

While Transferring application in simulation mode, getting this error.
what exactly it means and what steps I should take for this?



this is a error thrown by PVI when trying to create the communication to the PLC (PVI means “Process Visualization Interface”, this is more or less the drivers for Automation Studio/own programs-to-PLC communication).

I don’t have any idea why that happens, have never seen that before together with simulation!
Because Automation Studio does the settings for PVI internally automatically when switching to simulation, you don’t have direct access to this settings.

Some more information could help to get a better idea what happens:

  • what’s the version of Automation Studio you use?
  • when does it happen? Everytime you switch to simulation mode?
  • has it worked somewhen before?
  • does the communication to a “real” PLC work?
  • can you please check the status of PVI Monitor and post a screenhot here?
  • if your project is located in a very long path in the file system, or the path contains special characters, could you please copy the project to a shorter path (for example the standard path "c:\projects") and try if something changes?

PVI Monitor can be opened by double-clicking the following icon:
After that, a small window should appear, I’m interested in the marked informations:

Could you also please make a screenshot of the component versions?
Just open “Help - component Versions” in the PVI monitor…

and make a screenshot of the window that should look similar like this:

… maybe those information will help us to find out what’s going wrong.

Not to forget to answer your intial question:
the error 12006 from PVI means, that the length of a symbolic name is 0 or >256. If using PVI as a WIndows developer, you can set those symbolic names by your own, but if used with Automation Studio the symbolic names are generated by Automation Studio itself - this is what I meant above that you don’t have access to those parameters when creating a online connection from Automation Studio.

Best regards!

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Can you try doing an offline install for ARsim, instead of transferring to it? (Project → Project Installation → Offline Installation)