Why is the use of a CAN interface option limited to one?

A CAN interface is legacy device, it is based on a technology that has fixed allocated I/O adresses and interrupts.

Therefor BnR devices (APC4100, etc.) are only able to use one CAN interface. (see also the according user manual).

Possible solutions:

1.) Thirdparty PCI/PCIe cards together with a B&R pc that support such PCI/PCIe slots

2.) CAN/USB adapter like from supplier peak systems (PCAN-USB: PEAK-System).

In the Automation PC3100 mobile the interface 5ACCIFM0.FCAN-000 can be placed, which is supported in B&R Linux.

I’ve used

  1. 4PPC70.101G-22W - a C70 Panel with RS232 and CAN Port, connected per Powerlink to
    a Powerlink-Controller with an X20 CS1070 CAN Module. Although this CAN-Module was accessed by a program task, it was not actually cabled up.
  2. X20 CP3484 or 3584 with an IF 1072 in the first CPU slot communicating to a small B127 dumb Panel. and an X20 IF1043_1 CANOpen IF-Module (Hilscher) in slot2 connected to a Beckhoff PLC.
    It was quite easy to configure the CANOpen device X20 IF1043_1
    I have also used a X20 Profibus-Slave in slot2 of an X20 CP3484 or CP3584 connected to a Siemens PLC. Easy to configure and works very well.