Widget "TextPicker": Problem with multiLine

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use multiple lines for showing Text on the tiles of the “TextPicker” widget.
Somehow I am not able to get this to work.
-I already activated the properties “multiLine” and “wordWrap”
-The individual texts are referenced from a .tmx file. The individual texts in this file already
contain suitable line feeds.

None of those approaches worked for me.
Is anyone aware of this problem? Or do you know a workaround?

Hi, I have checked it quickly with mvHighlight project and mappView version 5.24.1 and I do not see any problem.

Thank you for your quick help.

I updated the mappView version from 5.22.0 to 5.24.1. Now everything works fine.

According to the software documentation of B&R this was a known bug that got fixed with the mappView version 5.24.0.

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