-1070584537 - Facing error while project installation via LAN


We’ve received a report from one of our customers indicating an error during project installation via LAN. Here are the observations:

Hardware: 4PPC80

  1. Project installation via USB is successful.
  2. An error is being indicated when the AR status shows as N/A.
  3. When the AR status is N/A, the error persists during project installation via LAN in Stop Mode.
  4. Similarly, in Service Mode, when the AR status is N/A, the error occurs during project installation via LAN.

What steps can be taken to resolve this issue for customers who wish to install the project via LAN when the AR status is N/A?

It seems that there is no USER partition (F:).
What size is defined at the Minimum user partition size ?

It is defined as 300MiB

As far as I know on a hypervisor system, a new partitioning can only be forced by reinstalling the entire system using a USB installation stick. Therefore, the size of a user partition cannot be changed on a hypervisor system without reinstalling the entire system.

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