Acopos 1045 with a 12 pin X1 front panel connector?

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I’m very familiar with the 8V1045 units having a 16 pin X1 front connector, but I’ve recently been asked to test a couple of 8V1045 units which have a 12 pin X1 connector and I can’t find any information anywhere which would give the necessary wiring information. I’ve seen these units on the web described as 8V1045 “Version 1” units - can anyone please point me to where I might obtain some documentation? I know that these are old units (circa 2002?) but they are in really good condition. Thanks in advance.

I found (at least) a screenshot of the 12 pin terminal

I will look if I can find an old manual

EDIT: Here it is


Fabulous! Oliver, you’re a gentleman and a scholar :slight_smile:

Thanks for your assistance, it’s much appreciated.

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Thank you and you are very welcome here :slight_smile: