ACOPOS 1090 Servo driver CAN bus command datasheet

Hi guys, I am working on developing a paper cutter machine using ACOPOS 1090 Servo driver. I hope to connect the servo driver with a PLC using the CAN bus (via AC110 adaptor). I want to know about the CAN bus command datasheet related to the ACOPOS 1090 Servo driver.
Can you help me, please? Thanks!


there’s no command data sheet for ACOPOS available. ACOPOS can only be used with a B&R PLC, the communication and programming is handled via the motion software/driver ACP10 (which is part of Automation Studio), for example by using the PLCopen motion function blocks from the ACP10_MC library.
Please note, that CAN based communication is only compatible with ACP10 versions up to V2.xy, since V3.xy only Powerlink networks are supported.

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Thank you, Alexander Hefner.