Alternative push-button for AP5000 expansion cover

Dear colleagues.

We as B&R recommend the use of the following operating elements (aka push-buttons) for proper installation and operation together with the expansion covers (5ACCKP00.xxxx-000) of our AP5000: RAFIX 22 FS series, RAFIX 22 FS+ series and SHORTRON series.

But I wonder if any of you have tested other brands with positive feedback just to be aware of alternatives in case of an emergency or limitations in the local market where a machine is being operated (spare-part).

Thanks in advance.

Hello Joan,

we use Eaton RMQ Titan M22:

This may be an option for you.

Sincerely Simon :slight_smile:


Hello Simon.

Thanks for sharing your experience. I really appreciate it.

Best regards!

Hi @sadurnij ,

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