Anybody else use "FBD" and AS

i just update new AS version and get major problems with monitoring FBD softwares, every time when start monitor FBD program, AS crash.

crash report don’t give really anything usable, I/O mapping and ST monitoring seems to work normally. FBD software it read initial status and crash.

Ladder software we don’t use at all, FBD is used for end user debug possibility, while there is no knowledge for ST language.

Hello Kari,

I was able to monitor a FBD program in AS V4.12.6.106 without it crashing. If monitoring is causing the system crash updating PVI may fix the issue. I am currently running PVI version with no issues using monitor mode.

PVI Development Setup: PVI Development Setup | B&R Industrial Automation

If the issue persists, try performing a clean configuration and rebuild the project. This can resolve errors that occur while opening monitor mode if the software on the target system is different than the project.


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Thanks Ryan

i have working now few days with this issue, and also updating PVI to etc.

clean project, rebuild and transfer also not fully solve this issue.

making same program again with new version somehow help, that has not yet fully proofed. Most application where this issue involves is 500+hour large projects and redone all programs is impossible.

most project that involves this issue have limited possibilities to Clean make rebuild

if there is difference between AS4.12.5 and AS4.12.6, and it is obviously project related, then please contact your support of your local B&R office. This is something what our developers must investigate.