ARSIM issue

I’m having some issues with ARSIM, I enable the simulation and ARSIM is seen online and in RUN state for 10s more less then it is not seen anymore on AS despite the ARSIM console report it in RUN.

Has anyone experienced similar issues?


in your screenshot it seems that the IP address for the online connection changes? I’ve no idea why, but the first screenshot shows an IP which is the “normal” one working with ArSim, the 2.nd Screenshot shows an IP …
… so only for clarification: are both screenshots from the same system, taken directly before and after the 10 seconds?
If yes, does it also happen if you make (for testing purpose) a new empty project and switch that new project to simulation?

Best regards!

Hello Alexander, the snapshots are taken from the same project taken before and after, the IP set on the CPU configuration is, of course while ARSIM is running it is shown as localhost.
I’ve tried with 2 different projects and had the same behavior, I haven’t test with a new project yet.

thank you!


ah ok, that means the is the active online configuration if the system is not in simulation mode, good to know.
I haven’t seen that on my own right now, but could you please check in the projects PLC configuration if the ArSim’s IP address is set to a different value then

forgot to mention, Automation studio V4.11.6.26 SP (2023-10-02)


there you go… it was not set to localhost!

Thank you very much!!!

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