Automation Studio not working

I’m using AS 4.12 in Virtual Machine, and the software was working before complete the 90 days of free license. After that, I get a new key code, but when I put the
code number/letter, show this error below. Anyone know how to solve this problem?

With the Technology Guarding Upgrade B&R Installs also the CodeMeter Runtime.
If you have issues with the Lizenzing you can also show the Version of CodeMeter Runtime.

There might be a fix if deleting the old Lizenz manually.

1. Open Code Meter Runtime

2. Memorize the Numbers below the Lizenz
For Automation Studio it is the Lizenz Named “B&R Industrial Automation”

3. Stop the Service

4. Browse the Folder and Delete the Files with the Number of the Lizenz

5. Start the Service

6. Lizenz again in Automation Studio