Automation License not working

When I want to extend the 90-day trial version, I receive the following warnings.

Please try requesting a new evaluation license from the B&R website here.

Do you still receive this error after activating with a fresh evaluation license key?

In this case, try to delete your license key as manually and re licensing again with new key.

  1. deleting licensing in manually on CodeMeter
    example as YouTube:

How to Delete and Import License Containers in CA Agile Requirements Designer

find the path of installed location of codemeter

–delete-cmact-license --serial “”

Command example if License is 128-15709463 :
–delete-cmact-license --serial 128-15709463

2.Run Automation Studio as admin right
3.Enter new license key

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Hi @c277864, were you able to get past the licensing error?