B&R Configurator

Hello Community,

I admit I am new to B&R. I have a application where i need a PLC rack with required modules,

Which will communicate with IO modules on X2X, and few KEB drives on CAN Bus.

I am searching for online configurator which will help me to get the BOM of my PLC rack for ordering.

I want the complete set with base, terminal block and power supply module.

Please help to create BOM for my project for ordering.

To define the full BOM for your system, you’ll need to get in touch with your B&R sales representative. You can find your local office via this link!

Hi @pavanhugar

A step into the right direction might be this:

  1. Go to your physical view

  2. Make sure to have the column “Model number” visible:

  3. Then select your whole hardware tree in AS and Press Ctrl+C:

  4. You can then insert your clipboard into Excel (or another tool of your choice), the second column (at least for me) is the order number of the various parts including Terminal blocks and Bus modules:

  5. With a little magic you can count the various modules and group them properly and there you have at least part of the whole.

It might be most of what you need or the least of it, depending on your hardware, but it might help.

Best regards