Siemens and B and R X2X Communication

Dear Community,

I have the following configuration as suggested by community.

This configuration is basically made to read and write B and R IO’s on X2X Line through siemens 1200 System.

Now what software’s and tools do i need to execute this job.

Can anyone help me in detail to get this thing going.

Below is the architecture.

I am new to B&R, detailed post would be highly appreciable,

Thanks in advance.


I think you reference is the following post / conversation, right?

If yes, as mentioned before a X20IF1091 cannot be used together with a fieldbus coupler.

I also can remember that you can’t change the existing setup of the 2 X20 blocks for testing reasons, am I right?
If yes, your architecture you have to replace the X20IF1091 with a X20BT9x00 (X20BT9400 or X20BT9100, I would prefer a X20BT9400). But to couple the 2nd block you also have to add at the end of the 1st block a X20BT9x00, because X2X bus is a serial line bus.

If this “don’t change the blocks policy” also includes not to add a X20BT9x00 at the end of the first block, then there’s no other possibility then using a 2nd X20BC00E3 as master for the 2nd block (of course, from the Siemens PLC side the profinet master can access more then one slave ).

I try to visualize here what I mean.
1.) both X20 blocks unchanged, but then need of 2 profinet buscouplers

2.) one X20 block changes, only 1 profinet buscoupler needed

From the software side, you need the Siemens programming environment, and from B&R side only the configuration files to import / add the slave devices to the master (I see that Oliver already answered in parallel in his post below, thanks!).

Hope that helps a bit, best regards!


Hello, basically you have to import the GSDML file of the X20BC00E3
This file can be found here:
PROFINET Bus controller GSD Package | B&R Industrial Automation (

There you simply configure the IO modules in your Siemens Environment (I am sorry but I cannot provide screenshots as we have no Siemens Tool
Please note that a IF1091 is not necessary as the X20BC00E3 already offers a X2X bus where the IO modules are connected (plugged on X20BM01 or BM11 backplates)

There is also no need for a BT9100 or BT9400 directly after the BC00E3 (as mentioned the BC00E3 already offers a X2X line)

Therefor use your Siemens tool to import the GSDML file as mentioned and configure the necessary IO modules next to this BC00E3 (the Siemens tool will only allow valid modules as this are defined from the GSDML file and an IF1091 will not even be available here)


Thank you Alexander Hefner for the detailed explanation.

Can you pls help me with the BOM, for the 1 configuration. ProfNet Coupler and X2X Module.

Thanks in advance


first, as general info:

  • Each X20 slice consists of 3 parts: backplane, electronic module, terminal block.
  • Buscouplers additionaly need a power supply.

The following configuration consists of:

1x X20BC00E3 (Profinet IO slave buscoupler)
1x X20BB80 (Buscoupler backplane)
1x X20PS9400 (Buscoupler Power Supply)
1x X20BT9400 (X2X module, bus transmitter)
1x X20BM11 (X2X module backplane)
2x X20BM12 (terminal blocks, one for the power supply and another for the X2X bus transmitter)

In general, you can check those informations also via the website, the’re informations about needed accessories linked to every product.
For example for the X20BC00E3, you find the infos in the technical data and the accessories - tabs of the product description:

Best regards!