Siemens 1200, X2x B & R

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I want to communicate x20 modules X2x link receiver Io Rack with Siemens 1200 PLC.

Following is the Configuration Image i want to configure, any module for X2x link in Siemens.

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the Siemens system does not have a X2X controller. So you have to use a X20 fieldbus coupler with a bus system supported by the Siemens PLC (for example Profibus, Profinet).

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Will this below configuration works?

Please suggest.


the X20IF1091 is not needed, because the bus coupler X20BC00E3 already has a X2X master integrated. Also the bus receiver module X20BR9300 ist not needed if all of the other X20 modules are directly connected behind the bus coupler.
That means, the other X20 modules can be directly connected to this Profinet IO slave.

Bus couplers also need some additional hardware, a base module ( e.g. X20BB80) and a power supply module (e.g. X20PS9400).
For details about the X20 Profinet I/O slave please check the technical data available here:

I also recommend to check the X20 system manual to get details about system configuration and detailed information about the modules, the needed additional parts and so on.
It’s available here for download:

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Thank you Alexander, your reply saved my many hours of dwelling.

As shown I have X2X module rack with a X2X receiver. I want that rack to be intact.

Without disturbing that X2X IO rack can i read and Write the IO Status of the X2X rack with this configuration?


the X20BR9300 is a X2X bus receiver (more or less a “converter from cable to module backplanes”), so it cannot be used directly connected behing a bus coupler.

But if you need the whole X20 block unchanged (for example if you want to realize a test automation of a machines module or so), it would be possible to connect a X2X bus transmitter behind the profinet I/O controller (a X20BT9400 or a X20BT9100, it depends on how the IO voltage should be connected to the bus receiver) converting the X2X bus to cable, and connect the cable to the X20BR9300. Then the existing block can be used unchanged.

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Cool Appreciate it.

I will order the configuration with

Profinet bus Coupler
X2x transmitter
Can Open Module (new requirement).

As my requirement.

Thank you Alexander Hefner.

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Your B&R sales representative will also help you to make sure you get everything you need :slight_smile: You can find a local contact here.