Behaviour of VC4 when used on 2 Automation Panel via SDL

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding the behavior of VC4 in the following scenario. Given that the setup has a PPC900 that outputs its VC4 application on its own AP, if we take the SDL/DVI port output and plug it into another AP with SDL receiver link module.

Would the VC4 be controllable by through both AP?

If it is controllable, what would the behavior be like?


Hello Samuel,

I assume you use Automation Runtime embedded directly on the PPC (no Hypervisor with Windows / Linux as GPOS)?
In that case I’m not 100% sure, but as I remember, AR can only use one of the system’s graphic units, in case of a PanelPC only the internal one where the directly mounted display is attached to.

To show the VC4 visu on a 2.nd screen, you could use a Terminal connected via Ethernet to the PPC: for example, the 2.nd AP together with a small PPC like PPC2200 and a GPOS system or a T50/T80 Panel, and show the VC4 visualization via VNC viewer on that device.

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I can confirm what Alexander has already told you that AR supports only one VC4 screen.

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Yes your assumption is correct the scenario would be purely just AR embeded.
I see thanks Alexander. So i guess the SDL/DVI port would not have any signal and would only be functional if it was running a GPOS then.

What you can do is add hypervisor to your system and then use VC4 Windows. Windows does support 2 displays, so in this case you would not need a full 2nd system but can just use the 2nd display as you would do in windows.