Using PPC2200 as VNC client?

Dear Experts,

Has anyone tried to use a PPC2200 (or PPC2100) Panel PC running some version of AR and working as VNC client? Is it somehow possible to achieve?

I know that it can be done with C50/T50 and C80/T80 panels. But when I tried to configure a PPC2200 (5PPC2200.AL02-000 with 5AP1120.1505-00) haven’t been able to find any place where I can define the VNC client configuration.

Can anyone give me a hint on this subject, please?

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Hi Alexander,
AR targets don’t work as VNC clients as they are not designed to display external visualizations. AR is designed to work as a VNC server that is hosting the visualization that other devices (VNC clients) can access through programs like VNC viewer.

The C50 and C80 panels have a different architecture that make it seem like they are acting as clients, but in reality there are either two processors or one processor with a hypervisor (more on this later). One side is running the AR acting as the server and another running a thin OS powering the screen and acting as the client to get the vis on the screen.

PPC’s have only one CPU out of the box that is connected directly to a “dumb” screen. Essentially there is no second processor powering the screen enabling it to act as the VNC client. It’s just a direct video output as opposed to a second computer with operating system.

If you are just looking to have a AR VC4 Vis go directly to its own PPC screen there are two potential workarounds depending on what exact hardware you have.

  1. You have a dual-core CPU PPC so you can use hypervisor to load windows (or Linux) onto the extra unused CPU core. Then, you can put VNC viewer (or your favorite VNC Client software) onto your Windows/Linux system and point it at the VNC vis running on the AR side of your CPU.

  2. You could put windows on your PPC and run ARSim to run your PLC code/host your VNC Vis. You could then install the VNC Client software, just point it at the loopback address ( and view your VNC vis that way.

Now, option 2 is a little easier to set up initially but restricts your access to things like Powerlink ports or some other IF modules you may have gotten with your PPC. You can still use things like TCP/IP and OPCUA communication but if you are attempting to do anything that requires Powerlink (motion or B&R IO), I would suggest going with option 1.

To sum up, it is not possible to have an AR target as a VNC Client to an external VNC Server, but it is possible to have the AR VNC server and a GPOS client on the same CPU.


Dear Arthur,

Understood. Wonderfully detailed and clear explanation! :clap:

Thank you and Best Regards,