PowerPanel 4PPC50_101E_13A

Hello everyone,

I can’t configure the Power panel to act as VNC client. I have Panel C50, and I have X2X communication and that part is working properly, but display is blank. I have tried all variations, and all possible manuals, but I can’t find the way how to make the configuration where I can use the display as VNC client.

Any suggestions?
Thank You in advance

Hello Milan,

This is done in the Hardware Configuration of the panel itself. “Terminal configuration” should be seen at the very bottom, and there you should select the Visualization and Visu mode to VNC. After this you can enter the parameters where you want to connect to.


If you are using VC4 visualization you should also configure, which visualization you want to use from the VNC Server Configuration for PLC part a bit up in the C50 hardware configuration.

C50 VNC Configuration in online help

You might need to upgrade your C50 image.
VC4 is only supported from 1.1.2 image:


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You need to update the C50 image on the actual device.

  1. Format a USB Stick to FAT32
  2. Unzip the AS4_LX_PPC_50_V1.1.2.zip to the root folder of the USB Stick
  3. Plug the USB Stick to the C50 (USB port, which is assigned to the terminal, default IF4 = USB2) and reboot the device. The update should start automatically.


The update does not start. I tried different USB keys, but it’s the same.
I need to Reset everything, and start over.

How can I factory reset C50?

Update of the situation:
I managed to factory reset the PP, than I installed the update, I have set everything, and now I have following message: Unable connect to socket, trying to reconnect.

At least the display is not black anymore.