Error 29207 and 29216

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I am setting up a stepper axis using X20SM1436. I am using mcHome_Direct for homing mode and it works that far. From there on as I try to jog I get error 29207, and sometimes 29216 (don’t recall exactly when). There is not much explained about these errors. Please help me understand where I may be going wrong?

1: Is this related to how I wired the motor? ( it is a bipolar stepper and if the wiring is backwards I expect it to simply move in the wrong direction)
2: The error comes up after a second or so, and then the drive power is cut off with mc_Power.Error high, although I am not able to get any ErrorID
3: Could it have anything to do with this being the second axis. I already have a working axis on this PLC on another x20sm1436 slice

Hi Mirza,

These errors aren’t specific so it’s hard to give you a specific answer.

29207 - This movement type is currently not allowed (This error occurs if the PLCopen axis state does not allow the requested movement to be started)

29216 - Continuous movement not possible (This error occurs if a continuous movement is stopped by an axis error)

If you look at the motion Logger (Ctrl + L to open the Logger, then make sure the Motion checkbox is selected) you’ll see a list of events as well as warnings or errors. Furthermore, the Hierarchy tab on the bottom of the Logger window will link the selected message with other messages. Usually, the errors you listed would be accompanied by additional errors that can pinpoint exactly what went wrong.

To answer your questions:

Could this be related to wiring?
If you haven’t successfully moved the motor since wiring it to the X20 slice, this is definitely possible. I’d recommend double checking the wiring and comparing it with your other, working stepper motor and module. You could also try switching these in code to figure out whether your issues are hardware or software related.

Could it have anything to do with this being the second axis?
You can use multiple axes at the same time, but each function block can only control one axis at a time so you’ll need two instances of MC_Power, MC_Home, MpAxisBasic, etc. It would be a good idea to make sure each hardware axis is properly mapped to the correct software axis variable, and that each function block is using the correct software axis variable.

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