It's about the compatibility of Acopos multi inverters

I have an ACOPOS 8BVI0028HWS0.0 00-E inverter. Is it possible to replace it with an 8BVI0028HWS0.0 00-1 inverter?
What are the differences between them?

Hi Adam (and welcome to the community),

the “-E” variant is a custom version using Ethercat for communication (and not publicly available either, so very non standard).

You can only replace it with a standard “-1”(or “-3”) if you also change the communication protocol to Powerlink, which uses the same cabling (Ethernet cable / RJ45 plug) but of course needs the PLC to be able to use it.
I don’t know which PLC you are using, but it usually requires a change in hardware or at least ports.

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Hey Michael
thanks for the explanation.
The inverter I asked about is used in an Engel robot with the Ethercat protocol and its change is not possible.
The E series is probably made for Engel since it is not offered at B&R.

Will the “-1” standard work if we move the communication card from Ethercat? or maybe there is also another firmware?

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I am not totally familiar with that kind of drive but the drive itself was not inserted like a standard drive but as a fieldbus device (and some very old ACP10 software at this point). Swapping it with a standard ACOPOSmulti not only requires changing the communication protocol but at least also touching the hardware configuration on the PLC since the PLC won’t know that the drive is now using a different bus and also doesn’t know how/where to address it.

I hope that helps

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Hello @elmew

as already mentioned before, the 8BVI0028HWS0.0 00-E does have EtherCat communication built in. And a standard drive 8BVI0028HWS0.0 00-1 does have the B&R Powerlink communication protocol built in. The communication card or protocol cannot be changed so a standard 8BVI0028HWS0.0 00-1 cannot be used within EtherCat environments.
Assuming that this robot does not have a B&R PLC, there will be a third party PLC with EtherCat protocol so integrating the standard Powerlink drive with no hardware and software modifications on PLC side will not work.

I would suggest to get in contact with you local support team to take a closer look at what options you have.