Licensing AS in Virtual Machine

We have a customer that have the necessity to install Automation Studio 4.11 in a virtual machine hosted in a Windows Server.
From the installation point of view there are no issue, but the problem is the licensing.
They cannot connect USB Dongles.
What is the best license format in this case?
What are the limits in case the Virtual Machine is moved to another system?

Many Thanks
Marco Sartori

Virtual machines are not officially supported… but it works
OS supported

There is a version of the license to be executed via software, not using a USB. Therefore that part is covered. The point regarding that type of license, is that is linked to the PC/machine, and therefore in case you clean it or “move” you will lose that license.

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Ok @EscuadraLevante, thank you
Is there a way to recover that license container in case of issues?
Many thanks

Marco Sartori

1 -You cannot consider “format C” or deployment of a copy of a virtual machine an issue. Therefore, in case of this case you will requiere a new license.

2 You should bear in mind that virtual machines are not supported. and therefore, in case something goes wrong you are in the bad side of line to relieve support.

I have never used that license, but for other scenarios, and general it should work and yo will receive support. Because those technologies work as intended.

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