Virtualization of AutomationStudio

Hello everyone,
does anyone have experience with

  • Virtualization of AutomationStudio 3.0.90 and newer to avoid a parallel installation on the same system with dependencies and to be able to use old versions under Windows 11?

  • Packaging AutomationStudio 4.3 and newer including AutomationRuntime and hardware upgrades for use in a build pipeline in Azure Devops so that every build has a clean installation?

Many thanks for your help

Hi Johannes,

Although we don’t specifically cover Azure DevOps we do have some guides on using Jenkins and running Automation Studio in a Docker container in our DevOps package.

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Thank you very much! I will take a look at it.

Hi there
We have already tried multiple approaches to use automation studio in our CI/CD setup.
Is there an approach without installing the automation studio when using docker?
To be able to have quick responses from our build server, installing the automation studio as we all know is not the fastest approach ;-).

I already looked into our DevOps package but this is nothing new to us. I definitely would appreciate it, if more possibilities are provided in this matter. Are there any new possibilities with AS6?

Thanks for your answers