mappRobotics G126 command + Scaling factor

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I recently started using Mapp Robotics to implement a 2-axis delta robot and came across the following problem relating to the G126 command.

The first problem is that I noticed that the roundings I obtain are not true circles even in the case of symmetrical rounding.

In the help, in the section dedicated to ARNC0, I saw that a scaling factor is applied to the spline contour (guid: c0772f25-c5f4-49ec-b03f-25188e96ccf2) which by default takes on a value of 66. However, in mappRobotics I have not found how to modify this value.

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Hi Nicolò, welcome in our community!

Here is the information about the function G126 for mappMotion: B&R Online Help - G126

I didn’t find information about the SCALING_FACTOR in mappMotion. However in mappMotion G126 function you define the radious you want for the rounding edge. In your case you can play with symmetrical or asymmetrical rounding, depending what you want to achieve, which could be similar to the SCALING_FACTOR in ARNC0. B&R Online Help - Symmetrical and asymmetrical rounding

In fact, the examples proposed in this AS Help page are similar to the image you attached. I overlay you circles in purple to the example proposed in AS Help.




G126 is a rounding which uses a polynomial curve to prevent the acceleration jump at the start and end of the rounding. The curvature is constantly increasing and decreasing.
The Factor does in fact not exist in MappMotion, it was only available in a special Version of ARNC0 called “OptMot”.

G25 is a true circle. Here you will have acceleration jumps on the conture at the start of the circle and the end. Thats why its normaly combined with G128 (or the configuration in AxesGroup Parameter File) to prevent stops on the path.
Depending on your needs you can also use G02, G03, G102 to Program a circle.


Hi @nrampinelli01 Nicolò,

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