mappVision Offline HMI Image requirements

Hello everyone,

Do anyone know what are the image requirements for our mapp Vision Offline HMI to consider it a “valid” image?

A lot of times I am returned with error code: 77554 which indicates either i have too many inputs or I used a colored image. (Eventhough i use photoshop to make a random image into greyscale)

Do anyone know what does mappVision Offline HMI considers a “colored image”?

Sampe Image:
B&R_Logo_Screen_RGB_HD_BW.bmp (3.8 MB)

Only monochrome pictures can be used. Supported format etc. you can find in AS Help here e00aadf4-c91f-40e4-9499-2eff7cd54af3. If your monochrome picture is evaluated as a colored one then I would suggest that you contact support in your local BR office.

A color image is an image with more image layers, even if all layers have the same value and are therefore displayed in gray. Grey is also a color. in your case you have a 24 bit BMP instead of an 8 bit BMP and an admittedly strange transformation of the orange bar into a black pixel field. I think you have not converted to gray values but to black and white, but why this should be 24 bit is beyond my knowledge. :thinking:
In addition to Jaroslav’s answer, I would also like to answer a question that was not asked directly. Why don’t we just allow a color image and convert it to a monochrome image?
We could even do that and the first prototype I tested even supported it incorrectly. But you would get a different result of the image processing as soon as we support color cameras. Since this will probably be the case in the next 9-12 months and we want to avoid incompatibilities when upgrading, we deliberately do not support this.
Since a project that can plug & run out of AS on the camera is only made with images from a factory calibrated B&R camera anyway, this is not a problem because these are monochrome anyway. For a quick POC of a color camera or even a mobile phone photo, there are enough programs or apps that convert it into a monochrome image free of charge.


Thanks Andreas for the very detailed explanation. Somehow my photoshop defaulted to export to 24bit format even though I’ve already selected 8-bit channel settings… Anyways I had to use “Save as a copy” to let me select to export as an 8-bit BMP. After I’ve converted the image to an 8-bit greyscale it works like a charm.
This is quite helpful because sometimes customer may send us a sample image to see what our Vision System could do and often times it could be a colored image.

Thanks for your feedback