My Automation PC 910 stuck in standby mode

The APC 910 is stuck in standby mode. Power button is red in color(Not blinking)
HDD is yellow in color.
I have tried restarting several times but still stuck in this state. The HMI is off completely not getting on.

If you do not get the PC to run even though power supply is ok then this looks like a HW problem. You can try to unplug everything from the PC (CFast, IF options, USB devices) and power it on. If it still does not react and you do not see anything on the the screen you should send the PC to B&R repair department.

unplugged everything from it . And powered back ON .Still stuck in standby mode

Hm then please use standard repair channel.

Can’t be a power board since its getting power. Could it be the HDD?

if you have HDD, you can try to unplug it. APC without HDD and CFAST card should boot to EFI shell (if efi boot is used) and you should at least get into BIOS.

apparently the Cfast slot is empty. So, i removed the HDD. Tried powering it. But still got stuck on solid red power and HDD. yellow

As I mentioned. There is nothing we can do more.