SafeDESIGNER Syntax ST Error

Hello Everybody.

I’m having a problem with ST syntax in Safedesigner when i import the funcion block called ‘SF_oS_MOTION_BR’ and connect some inputs.
in particular it seems input parameter ‘S_Control_SLS-1’ is not recognized (i suspect that the system recognize -1 as a subtraction instead of part of the variable name).

if i try to delete the parameter and use the autofill to rewrite it i have the same syntax and same error.
Even with other similar variables (e.g. SF_oS_MOTION_BR_1.S_Status_SLS-1 which is an ouput of which i try to read value) got same result.

Does someone experienced same problem or is there some escape character to use?

thankyou very much

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Hi Alessio,

I have been testing it and I get the same behaviour as yours. However this behaviour is documented in AS Help:


The use of operators like – or + in names of variables or formal parameters of functions or function blocks is not permitted and results in an error message during compilation.

Source: Code elements in ST

As workaround you can implement this function block in LD.

Hi Xabier and thanks for the reply.

The proprosal of my tests was to move from LD logic to ST, so an ST workaround would be preferred.
i hoped in a particular syntax but i think i’ve no choice but keep it in LD.