SafeKey backup

I have an x20SL8010 and a x20MK0201 Safekey. Is it possible to backup this key if I do not have the source code? In help I can only find " Changing the application on the SafeLOGIC device by exchanging the SafeKEY" where SK-COPY is used, but from this example i understand that the application in PLC is changed with the App from the New Key. I need to create a backup Key without source code.

All use Cases i am aware of are made in a way that you need a SafePLC and the source Code in SafeDesigner to create a SafeKey.

The information between Legacy Safety and mapp Safety for this topic is the same in AS-Help.

With the Legacy Download there was a checkbox to download the Project to the SafeKey but the Upload was never supported by B&R. So you will not be able to upload the Project from the Key.

Upload not Supported

At the ende of the Help Page you are refering to, is clearly written that an identical SafeApplication must be on the SafeKey to make a copy of an existing one. Only the information of the Hardware (“SerialNumbers, …”) is copyed by the SK-COPY function.

Changing the application on the SafeLOGIC controller by replacing the SafeKEY (X20 SafeLOGIC controllers only)



Thank you Michael.

That is what I understood as well but I hoped that there is a way to create a backup without having the source code. Similar to cfast image for PLC…

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