Technical Newsletter in Spanish

Every 2 months, the B&R-Spain local office delivers a technical newsletter to the Portuguese and Spanish technicians using B&R.

The technical newsletter is called: “El Rincón del Técnico” and it is fully in Spanish. It includes news, templates, libraries, documents and the incoming training schedule.

His first release happened in 2017 and all its whole archive can be found here:
(if you use another language on our web, prior to open this link please open and set your language to Europe → español. Then click the link)

If you are familiar to B&R technology and you live in Portugal or Spain, join our newsletter by including your personal data in this formular:

¡Buena lectura!


Can I use it also if I live in Austria but speak spanish? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding, I have used multiple times, great content!

You have always got Premium Access to our newsletter.

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No estaba al tanto de vuestro rincón, pero veo temas muy interesantes en la hemeroteca.
Gran trabajo!

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Hola, Antonio
Muchas gracias. :blush: Te añadiremos en nuestra lista de distibución para que lo recibas bimensualmente a partir de ahora, por supuesto.
¡Un saludo!
Luis Miguel Sainz Pena

Can you add a hint to the links that they are only working if you have set up the B&R Web Page to the Language - España [español] – If i have set up German i will be redirected to the German Newsletter, which is not the worst outcome :slight_smile: . For the archive there would be just a white page.

Greetings from Germany

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Top recommendation, Michael! :100: !
The original post has been changed.

Thank you very much!

Buen día Luis, no tenía conocimento de su Newsletter, muchas gracias, ya he solicitado inscribirme, saludos desde Alemania!

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