Transfer Files via OPCua/any encrypted protocol

Hello everyone,
is it possible to transfer Files via OPCua? Perhaps there is a way to allow an external OPCua client access to a specific folder on your CF card or to get files from a external folder yourself as OPCua client. I am using Automation Studio, OPCua Version 1.00

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Hi, as far as I know the UA server / client facet is still not supported but there is a sample which shows how you can use UA methods to do the same thing. (See C:\BrAutomation\AS412\Samples\

currently supported OPCUA profiles you can find here. B&R Online Help

First of all thanks for your reply.

I have looked through the documentaion of the sample and it looks like that the transfer of Files is still a open point of this sample. Because in the documentaion they say “…Currently not implemented are
 MoveOrCopy() – Moves or copies a file on the FileDirectoryType Object
This demo application shows how to create, open, read, write and close one or more files on a single di-rectory.”

ok. But still it is a sample you can extend as you wish. I think important is to understand idea behind that using OPCUA method you can control logic written using FileIO lib. And like that you can implement what ever you need. But maybe others from community has already developed complete solution. So lets wait for others :slight_smile: I tried to did my best for you :wink:

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This does not answer your question, but have you considered using FTP to transfer your files, rather than OPCUA? In your controller’s configuration view, you can set up an FTP server and point it to a specific folder on your user partition. Then you can use an app like FileZilla to access the folder, or use an FTP client library with most software languages.


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Hi thanks for your reply, the whole point about file transfer via OPCua is the encrypted connection between Server and Client. Essentially, we’re seeking an encrypted protocol for transferring our files securely. The issue with all the protocols provided by DevLink (FTP, TFTP, NFS, CIFS) is that they are not secure enough, particularly vulnerable to Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Regarding your solution: Yesterday we discovered that there is this option to configure the FTP server to use FTPS as protocol. This meets our requirements to transfer files safe. The only downside is, that you have to configure an SSL file (this wouldn’t be required with SFTP). If any of you know other encrypted protocols for file transfer that B&R supports (as Server or Client I don’t have a preference), please let me know :raised_hands:.


@Andi33 why is SSL file problem or limitation for your solution?

First of all, I am definitely not an expert in network/transfer protocols, so feel free correct any of my statements.
Regarding your question: The SSL file isn’t really a problem. I just want to keep it as simple as possible because we have to do this for every project we make. And with SFTP you would not have to do this, so it would be a little bit more convenient. Also i read that FTPS is not the protocol of choice if it comes to communication trough firewalls because it uses multiple port numbers. SFTP on the other side only uses 1 port number.

I also do not feel as a expert and I would like to learn something new :slight_smile: so lets give word to others in the community. Maybe they already have some application solution for your usecase.

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