Unable to find hardware configuration online

Hi everyone!

I´m traying to create a new project in which I´ve assigned in the online settings an IP ( to TCPIP connection. Then I´ve connected to it.
Afterwads, I have connected my PC and the Panel PC 3100 I have, via an ethernet cable to the ETH2 port of the panel. I have assigned to each device ETH ports the same IP address (obviously with different range). On a therminal in my PC I´ve tryed to do ping to that IP adress and there is comunication between both devies. The problem comes when I create a new project and I´m going to identify hardware configuration. When I´m doing this, the next message appears:

Hardware upload finished with errors.
Error 4808: No connection available to the PLC

I´ve also tryed to access to the B&R System Diagnosis Manager (web serber) in the Panel PC 3100 and is proving impossible.

Does anyone know what could be happening?

Thanks in davance!


by now I’m not completely sure what’s happening.
4808 is a online protocol status that means more or less “the communication driver is unable to reach the PLC configured for online connection”.

Status 4808 can happen for many different reasons, e.g. “wrong online connection in Automation Studio”, “issues with the physical network configuration”, “project dependent, non-default online settings inside the PLC”, “too less timeout”, and more things like that.

Therefore, regarding to your description, I’ve some additional questions that maybe help me to understand this specific issue:

  • Because of the used IP address is pingable, I assume that the initial setup of the Automation Runtime is already done (e.g. by offline installation), am I right?

  • SDM is also not reachable, what is the error in the browser? Is it ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT, or ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED, or something else?

  • You wrote “I have assigned to each device ETH port the same IP addess” - does that mean, that both ETH1 and ETH2 are in the same subnet? If yes, please try to setup the interfaces in different subnets.
    More then one ETH interface in the same subnet could cause communication problems, all ETH interfaces of the PLC have to be configured in different IP subnets (e.g. ETH1 192.168.1.x / and ETH2 in 192.168.2.x/ If both interfaces are in the same IP subnet, maybe the response data for a network request is sent to the “wrong” ETH interface.

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Hello, good afternoon.

First of all, I would like to thank you for your quick reply.

  • In relation to the questions you asked me, yes, you are right! I´ve done the initial setup of the Automation Runtime.
  • Regarding to the SMD is not being reachable, the error that is appearing in the browser is ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT. The thing is that the IP which appears in the browser when I try to reach the SMD in different to the one I assigned to the Panel (
  • Finally, answering your last question; No, ETH1 and ETH2 are not in the same subnet, as the ETH1 is the one which I use to give internet to the Panel and it is set automatically.

Hope this could help you understanding this issue.

Thanks in advance.

Hi and good afternoon, too!

Thanks for providing additional information.
To be honest, I’m not sure if we can figure out the root cause without the help of your local support contact at B&R, the behavior sounds “special”.

But: I know at least the IP address at Automation Runtime as the default IP address of a internal DHCP server when using a Hypervisor configuration.

So, is it a Hypervisor system (Automation Runtime + Windows or Linux on the same PPC3100)?

  • If yes", maybe the’re also settings needed for routing / proxying in the GPOS system (Windows / Linux), some more information see here: B&R Online Help

  • If “no”, and the IP address you’re directed to is not directly configured somewhere in the Automation Studio project, is it (at least theoretically) possible that this IP address is some kind of default gateway in your network.
    Then, for me it looks like that your TCP connections (Automation Studio online, and also SDM) are redirected to a router or similar network infrastructure device, instead of connecting directly with the PLC, either because of the Automation Studio PC’s network routes, or because of the ETH1 setup (which I understood is configured as DHCP client, and therefore get’s also some default gateway setup via DHCP)… I know that sounds strange, but right now I haven’t any better idea.

If needed and I’m completely on the wrong track, of course I’ll try to support you to come in contact with your local B&R support, but first and for today: have a nice evening :wink:
Best regards!



You can check details in Automation studio help, in establishing a connection to the target system section

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Good afternoon:

I´ve check the IP adress of the ETHinternal and I have exactly the same IP adress that you have in the photo you´ve shared.
Finally, I have managed to open the SMD by reinstalling the B&R Hypervisor driver. Once I have done this I have built the project but it still does not give me the option to transfer the project.
I still have exactly the same configuration in terms of IP addresses for each Ethernet port but in “SMD/System/General” only the IP of the ETHinternal (IF9) is referenced.

Do you know what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.


if only ETH9 is shown in SDM, maybe both physical interfaces ETH1 and ETH2 are configured for use in the GPOS?

In the Automation Studio project, you can check this by checking the Physical view: if a devices is configured for GPOS, it’s “grayed out” in the hardware tree and has a extension " → GPOS".

In Automation Studio, a device configured for GPOS looks like:

If it’s configured for the Automation Runtime, it looks like:

Best regards, and have a nice weekend!


No, I have only configured the physical interface ETH1 for use in the GPOS, the ETH2 is set as AR embedded. Thisone is the one which the IP adress is

Thanks and have a nice weekend also!

Good morning,

thanks for your answer, it sounds that we have to dig in a bit deeper.
I’ve informed the colleguages from your local support team in Spain, they will reach you out.

Have a great day, best regards!

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Good morning:

Thank you very much!!

Best regards!

Hi Bertha,

Once you have a solution with the help of your local support team, can you please share it here for future reference?

Hi Bertha (@c579738), was the local support team able to help you find the solution? If so, could you please share it with us here?

Hi Brittany, the local support is helping us but we still haven’t found a solution. At the moment an image has been copied to the CFast card, but the PC panel screen shows “UEFI OS has been blocked by the current security policy”

Thank you so much.
When we find the solution to this problem I will comment here.
Happy New year.

Hello @c579738

May I ask you for an update on the topic? Have you been able to find a solution together with the local support team? Thank you!

Hello Lucas.

We did not find the solution.
we format the system and start again.

Thank you.