Windows 11 suitability for Panel PC900 with Intel Core i5 6440EQ 2.7 GHz

I have a specific requirement from a customer who is seeking Panel PC900 with Windows 11 OS for Intel Core i5 6440EQ 2.7 GHz processor.

I am reaching out if anyone in the community has offered a solution with similar specifications to a customer and how did you ensure that the necessary drivers availability and suitability with the Windows 11 operating system?

1)-Please suggest are the Touch driver, Ethernet driver, Intel Chipset driver available for Windows 11 OS?
2) .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.7 can run with Windows 11 OS?

Thank you!


I don’t have any practical experience, but as I know Windows 11 can’t be used on i5-6440EQ platform.

  1. From the processor description it sounds that the CPU board is a 5PC901.TS17-00? Since hardware revision E0 this board supports TPM 2.0 (which is a core requirement for W11), but in Microsoft’s processor compatibility list the generation of Core i is not included as compatible with W11 (link to this list).
    On Intel’s reference drivers page I also haven’t found W11 drivers for generation chipsets.

  2. About the .NET framework support with W11 in general: W11 uses .NET 4.8 preinstalled, and 4.8 is able to run to any other 4.x Application (Microsoft said so, I’ve never tested in detail).
    .NET 3.5 can be installed in W11, see here.

For the sake of completeness some additional information about W10 and W11:
Microsoft’s end-of-support for W10 Enterprise IoT LTSC 2021 (which is today the most actual version we can provide for this platform) is in January 2032 (see here), which is even some years longer than with the most actual versions of W11 by now (W11 IoT Enterprise and W11 Enterprise and Education)

I hope that information helps, best regards!

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Many thanks Alexander for your hint !