XY Chart Rotation

Hello There,

Is it possible to rotate an XY chart 90 degrees?
I am using it for a plastics application to generate a profile, but I need it to present vertically.
As there is no “Rotate” option associated with the XY chart, is it possible to develop it in a content and rotate the content 90 degrees?

Thanks for any help!

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Hi @c410101 , maybe someone from community has some workaround for you, so lets wait for it.

In meantime, can you share with us what exactly you would like to achieve? I mean you can swap X/Y data, but this is obviously not enough for you I guess. I would like to share your use-case with development team. And for this I need to know what exactly should be the output and why.

Hi @c410101,

I think there is no rotation parameter in XY chart. However you can swap X and Y values, that way you will have the graph vertically as you want.



Parameters swaped:


You can also play with position parameter top/bottom/left/right in xAxis/yAxis configurations.

Hope this helps!