APC3100 100% CPU usage while using the MappView in chrome

We are using a APC3100.KBU3 (I7 7600U 2.8Ghz, 16GRam - Win 10 LTSC) with Hypervisor and the MappView visualization is laggy and make processor to rise very often to 100% CPU usage. When processor is not able to process for several seconds, the Mapp server loses connection and is automatically refreshed.

I am surprised that in properties, at Processor detail i only have “INTEL x86 CPU 2.9Ghz” and nothing about I7 7600U model.

This is not happening if i am connecting an external laptop to the plc part. I can use the visualization without any problem.

Hello, please be aware folllowing facts:

  1. APC3100 has a dual core processor
  2. If you use Hypervisor, one core is used by Automation Runtime. Consequently there is just one core left for GPOS (Windows) which is very little. Without knowing your mappView visualization, it is very hard to run Windows 10 on just one core.

Here some possibilities you could try:

  1. If you want to stay with hypervisor use e.g. APC910 with quadcore processor
  2. If you want to stay with APC3100 + Hypervisor, try it with Linux as GPOS (not shure if this will be enough)
  3. If there is a possibility, use eg 5APC3100.KBU0-000 (AR) + 5PPC2200.AL18-000 (Windows or Linux). This PPC2200 has less clock frequency but four cores- escpecially if you use Linux it could be enough
  4. If there is a possibility, use eg 5APC3100.KBU0-000 (AR) + T80. Depending on your mappView Visualization this could be enough

Hardware is one part, we already using quad core hardware as Mapp view application need more CPU power. apart from Hardware what optimization could be helpful from library side/configuration side?