C80 Terminal Mode in AS4.12

Hello community,
I want to share with u my experience about the C80 terminal mode.

The use case:
We had a customer who replaced his C80 cpu with a powerful apc. Now he wants to use the C80 as a terminal. This means the C80 should behave like a T80, as a VNC client.

How to achieve it:
First it is necessary to upgrade the linux image terminal os. The suiting zip file is found on the B&R website. ( V4.9 LX Upgrade PPC80 ZIP)
After copying the needed files into the root directory of an usb drive, the C80 updates automatic if the usb drive is on the GPOS usb entry. Now u can check the terminal version under system diagnostic manager / hardware.
The terminal gets an extra configuration in our AS project. It is crucial to have the right settings and ip parameters, or the terminal part won’t be able to communicate with an extern vnc server.

In my case the parameters are:
For my CPU where the VNC is running: (with Port 5900 for the VNC)
For the ETH ( IF2) of the C80 :
For ETHinternal (IF3) of the C80: IP address
Terminal IP address
The last step is to add the vnc Url ( in this case) under Terminal configuration, and to activate source NAT under NAT configuration.

If done correctly, your C80 is now able to run as a VNC client.


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