Issue while installation of AS V2.5

Hello Team,
We are having issue with opening one of our old program which was developed in AS V2.5. We can not installed AS 2.5 on Windows 10. Any Idea how we can open that program?

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I am sorry to tell but such old AS versions are not intended to be used on Win10 or even higher
Automation Studio versions below AS2.7 are runable on WinXP only
Please see the table for AS and its supported OS
B&R Online Help (

In your case you would have to install WinXP but as this is obsolete and a potential security risk nowadays I would suggest a VM (Virtual machine)


Thank you Oliver…
But when we upgrade to 2.6 its throwing lot of errors

This errors mean that used variables are not declared and that the so called “permanent” area needs a recalculation.
As far as I remember (please bear in mind that this AS verison is almost 20 years old) the variables declared as permanent where in a certain area which needed to be “calculated” via the declaration dialog of AS

Nevertheless I doubt that this errors arise from upgrading the project from AS2.5 to AS2.6 and I rather think that this errors already existed in the original AS2.5 project

Ok I am in situations that i can not see if they were existed in the original code. But thank you so much for your replies


In my engineering department we have two solutions for the old programs:
1°) use an old PC with XP
2°) use a virtual machine with XP

For my part, I use a virtual machine with XP and I could modify a program developed in V3.0.90 without problems.


Thank you Jean for the inforamation. May be i will setup the XP environment

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I would strongly suggest this as you can then open the original program to see if this one worked