Offline License Activation Error

Hello everyone,

My customer is having issue activating the offline license (.WibuCmRaU file) for his evaluation license in CodeMeter. Has anyone faced similar issue before?

PC Operating System: Windows 10
Error Code: 263
The screenshot of the error is attached for your reference.

Hi Alvin,

Did you get this error after double-clicking on the license (*.WibuCmRaU)?

Try to import the upgrade-file using the menu instead of double clicking.

  1. Save the upgrade file (*.WibuCmRaU) on your desktop.
  2. Open CodeMeter Control Center (Start > All progams).
  3. Go to the menu File > Import license… Browse to the upgrade file on the desktop.
  4. Hit Import.

Hi Xabier,

Thank you for the solution!