Replacement of UPS batteries

The 9A0100.14 battery in the field is damaged and I checked the help document 9A0100.15 is its replacement. My question is, can these 2 products be directly replaced without any program configuration changes?


Hello Wenjie,

The steps to replace the UPS battery can be found in the UPS User’s Manual on page 37. There wouldn’t be any changes to your Automation Studio program. However, it is recommended to check and configure the operating parameters on the load system before permanently connecting the UPS. The steps on how to do this are in Chapter 4 of the User’s Manual.

Battery replacement 9A0100.15 is no longer sold by B&R so it would have to be bought through a 3rd party. On page 33 of the User’s Manual, it says 9A0100.15 is two Panasonic 12V 2.2Ah rechargeable batteries.



Thanks! That’s very helpful! :grinning: